Project selection

GrapheneNOWNANO CDT is unique in that PhD students are able to select their PhD research projects rather than having the projects pre-allocated to them. A new set of 30 to 40 projects are offered every year by academics from all participating Schools at Manchester and Lancaster universities.

The majority of projects are interdisciplinary, involving collaborations between research groups in different academic departments, so that most students have two (sometimes even three) supervisors.

To help with selecting the right project, a poster session is organised in December-January each year, where projects are presented by the prospective supervisors. This annual event provides an opportunity for the CDT students to speak on a one-to-one basis with academics and find out the details of available projects (this is in addition to project descriptions provided shortly before the poster session).

The students are expected to select their PhD projects before the end of month 6 (mid-March).

Current projects

Examples of recently selected projects are available under the research section.

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