Media awareness training

We provide our students with a tailor-made one-day media training session that aims to introduce or develop practical media skills and confidence.

The course will allow students to comfortably handle media interviews and deliver their message through expert guidance and the opportunity to practice in a safe environment.

Why is this valuable?

Drop the jargon

Researchers have a wealth of expert knowledge about their chosen field of study, but often this needs to be communicated to multiple audiences of varied levels of understand and therefore it’s important to know when to lose the jargon, be clear, be concise and be understood.

Practice makes perfect

Live broadcasts are much harder than producing the written word, therefore as much practice in delivering your message verbally as possible the better. What might you be asked? Who is the audience? Be prepared.

The camera never lies

Feeling relaxed and appearing natural on camera will help get your message across; whether this is "live in 10 seconds" or recorded for future release there are a number of techniques to get your message across.

These skills will not only assist you with the media but also generally increase your communication confidence, preparation and presentation skills.

Learn more about the media awareness training course.

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