Commercialisation training

Developing enterprising scientists

The commercial opportunities for graphene are huge. Success is all about finding the right mix of people, funding and resources that can take graphene technology to market. We need people who understand the technology, understand the market and understand all the steps in between.

Fostering a spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship in our students is one of the important objectives of Graphene NOWNANO CDT. As part of their training, each student is asked to identify a commercial opportunity based on their own research or a wider research area they are familiar with. Working within a group made up of students from different backgrounds supports the identification of opportunities. They then develop their idea into a business case that is later presented to a panel of academics and practicing entrepreneurs/industry representatives.

Along the way there are many opportunities to develop new and existing ideas, generate intellectual property and identify suitable customers. In a few years from now some of our very own Graphene NOWNANO research students may be leading new companies and bringing an exciting new range of products to market.

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What our students say

"I found the Innovation and Commercialisation of Research unit to be one of the highlights of the programme. Not only has it allowed me to develop solid business awareness and provided me with additional transferrable skills, but it has also gavin me invaluable insight into the world of entrepreneurship.

I developed my own PhD research into a commercial idea and was invited to take part in the Project Award Fund (co-organised by UMIP) in order to apply for funding and assess the viability of my technology. Since then, I have taken part in other entrepreneurship events as part of a team (including another NOWNANO student and a NOWNANO alumnus), and we have gone on to win the North West heat of the Biotechnology Young Entrepreneurs Scheme (YES) competition in 2016.

I am indebted to NOWNANO for their encouragement and training in such a key aspect of my scientific career."

- Julio M. Rios de la Rosa, 2013 Cohort

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