At Graphene NOWNANO we aim to promote science and raise awareness of the breadth of STEM opportunities available to children of all ages. Through participation in various science festivals, masterclasses and social media we aim to spread the word and inspire the next generation of graphene scientists.

Outreach is an essential aspect of being a researcher, both at the PhD level and beyond. Taking part in outreach and engaging with the general public also helps our students learn about presenting their complex research topics in a more approachable, understandable way.

Our students are encouraged to participate in at least one activity a year. They also help develop supporting materials such as posters, booklets and hands-on activities.

Below are some of the activities we are involved in, click on the pictures to read more about them.

British Science Week

Science X

Bluedot Festival

Science Spectacular

Nano Masterclass

Soapbox Science

Pint of Science

School visits

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