Student publications

Below is a list of scientific papers published by NoWNANO and Graphene NOWNANO CDT students, from the last two years (the CDT students' names are shown in bold). Publications from previous years can be accessed on the menu to the left.

2019 | 2018

2019 Publications

  • Planar and van der Waals heterostructures for vertical tunnelling single electron transistors
    Kim, Gwangwoo; Kim, Sung-Soo; Jeon, Jonghyuk; Yoon, Seong In; Hong, Seokmo; Cho, Young Jin; Misra, Abhishek; Ozdemir, Servet; Yin, Jun; Ghazaryan, Davit; Holwill, Mathew; Mishchenko, Artem; Andreeva, Daria V.; Kim, Yong-Jin; Jeong, Hu Young; Jang, A-Rang; Chung, Hyun-Jong; Geim, Andre K.; Novoselov, Kostya S.; Sohn, Byeong-Hyeok; and Shin, Hyeon Suk
    Nat. Commun. 10, 230, (2019).

2018 Publications

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