NOWNANO Student wins Best Physics Student of the Year Award

Nick Kay - 2012 Cohort

NoWNANO DTC student Nicholas Kay (2012 Cohort) recently received the Best Physics Student of the Year SET (Science, Engineering and Technology) Award. 

Nick used combination of ultrasound and scanning probe microscopy to developed a way to map nanomechanical properties of two-dimensional atomic films including graphene, MoS2 and others. He discovered that atomically thin films of these materials can buckle the same way as beer cans, potentially creating ultra-small scale memory elements. Currently Nick is working on exploring ability of these nanostructures as nanoelectromechanical (NEMS) sensors and ultrahigh frequency oscillators.

Congratulations, Nick!

You can read more about the award on the Lancaster University or National Physical Laboratorywebsites.

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