NoWNANO student to participate in Soapbox Science 2016 Manchester

Chloe Oakland - 2012 Cohort

On the 23rd July 2016 NoWNANO DTC student Chloe Oakland (cohort 4) will be taking part in Soapbox Science 2016 Manchester. Chloe will be one of twelve female scientists to take to their soapboxes in Piccadilly Gardens to share their research. Chloe will be discussing florescent nanoparticles for early disease diagnosis.  

Soapbox Science is a novel platform for promoting women scientist and the science they do through transforming public areas into learning spaces and debate arenas. The public will have the opportunity to enjoy, learn, question, probe and interact with as well as be inspired by some of our leading scientists.

Would you like to know more? Keep an eye on the Soapbox Science website.

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