Media Awareness Training

On 8th May 2019 the year 1 students undertook media awareness training delivered by Boffin Media.

Iuliia Sklieva being interviewed on camera
CDT student Iuliia Sklieva being interviewed on camera

The session introduced the students to why they should think about dealing with the media. There were exercises in being interviewed on the radio, how to prepare for interviews, and speaking to be understood by the layperson. Podcasts were recorded in groups and critiqued as was a videoed TV interview by each student.  This session has been delivered annually and the team at Boffin Media always make the session interactive and fun to take part in.

Year 1 student Iuliia Sklieva said:

'The media training was one of the most appealing events; engaging and full of energy! Creating short scientific podcasts was my favourite part. It was refreshing to look at your own research from the perspective of the general public, and even though the training was just for one day the whole group saw a great improvement in how to explain our research "to anyone in the street" and carry the fire of scientific excitement to the public!'

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