Graphene goes to the Bluedot Festival

Visitors to the Bluedot Festival, held at Jodrell Bank, had the opportunity to learn more about graphene from students in the Graphene NOWNANO CDT and NOWNANO DTC last weekend.

Philip teaches the younger generation about graphene

The weekend of the 22nd – 24th July saw students from the Graphene NOWNANO CDT and NOWNANO DTC travel out into the darkest depths of Cheshire to Bluedot Festival 2016 at Jodrell Bank Observatory. Held in the presence of The Lovell Telescope, the festival was a combined celebration of music, arts, technology, culture and science featuring talks and hands-on science demos from leading researchers alongside the more typical festival activities.

As part of the festival students ran the “Discover Graphene” stand in the hands-on science exhibition, enthralling festivalgoers with a series of graphene-related demos. For three days students were faced an unending stream of people who arrived at the Graphene Gazebo curious and, without exception, left with knowledge and the skills to make graphene thanks to the hands-on exhibit "Make-your-own-graphene". Other exhibits run by the students inlcuded a Graphene TEM demonstration and single-layered CVD graphene on a flexible PET substrate.

A conservative estimate suggests that over the weekend students engaged around a thousand people at what was probably the CDT’s most successful outreach event to date.


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