Meet the team

The Graphene NOWNANO CDT is managed by the CDT’s Director and Management Board, which comprises staff from across all of the Departments and Schools involved with the CDT.

Irina Grigorieva


Professor Irina Grigorieva joined the Condensed Matter Physics group at the University of Manchester in 2001 where her research now focuses on the science of graphene and its derivatives, with particular emphasis on magnetism and superconductivity. Prior to this appointment, she worked as a postdoctoral researcher in leading academic laboratories in Russia, UK, Belgium and the Netherlands. As Director of the North-West Nanoscience Doctoral Training Centre (NOWNANO CDT) since 2009, Professor Grigorieva has been leading the establishment and operational activities of NOWNANO and, since 2013, Graphene NOWNANO CDTs.

Vladimir Falko

Co-Director, Professor of Theoretical Physics, Research Director of the NGI

Vladimir's research interests include modelling of physical properties of 2D materials and their heterostructures, foundations of quantum nanoelectronics, and solid state quantum optics.

Thomas Thomson

Chair, Management Board

Thomas has been at the University of Manchester since October 2007 as head of the Nano Engineering and Storage Technology group in the Department of Computer Science. He joined the group from California where he was a Research Staff Member at the Hitachi San Jose Research Center, having previously worked for IBM at the IBM Almaden Research Center before Hitachi acquired IBM’s HDD business. Prior to this appointment, he was a senior staff engineer at Seagate Technology in Fremont, California, working in their magnetic media research and development organisation. Before emigrating to the USA, he was at University of St. Andrews where his research focused on understanding the local atomic and magnetic properties of magnetic thin films using nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR), ferromagnetic resonance (FMR) and neutron scattering. His doctorial thesis explored the magnetic properties of magneto-optical thin films for recording applications using advance magnetic characterization.

He is the chairman of the Graphene NOWNANO Centre for Doctoral Training and contributes to teaching on this programme through core lectures, laboratory projects and enquiry based learning.

Management board

Cyrill Bussy
School of Health Sciences

Ivan Vera Marun
Department of Physics

Cinzia Casiraghi
Department of Chemistry

Kostas Kostarelos
School of Health Sciences

Paola Carbone
Department of Chemical Engineering and Analytical Science

Robert Young
University of Lancaster

Tim Echtermeyer
Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Suelen Barg
Department of Materials

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