Engagement with Industry

Graphene NOWNANO CDT has established partnerships with a number of industrial companies and overseas academic institutions. In addition to providing input and advice to the CDT management in terms of the CDT strategic goals and alignment with the needs of the economy, our partners participate in the formulation of research projects (where relevant), share expertise, engage in enterprise training and provide secondment opportunities to the CDT students.

Industrial partners:

Note: Aixtron is a supporter of Graphene NOWNANO but not an official partner.

Academic partners:


Industrial partner example projects


This project is 50% funded by Bruker

This project aims to understand how scanning probe microscopy (SPM) can contribute to exploring 2D and thin film materials and devices. The research is being conducted in collaboration with application scientists at Bruker. 2D materials cover a wide range of atomically layered systems from graphene to thin films created using a range of techniques including exfoliation, chemical and physical vapour deposition.

The project is focused on exploring the physical and electrical properties of materials using novel electrical, magnetic and topological imaging modes. Examples of these newer modes include peak force tunneling atomic force microscopy (PF-TUNA) which provides nanoelectrical characterisation with the spatial resolution of a few 10’s of nm. Combining modes, using DataCube technology will allow previously large scale measurements to be downsized to the nanoscale. Comparing the electrical characteristics measured locally and non-locally on nanofabricated devices will allow the effects of the spatial distribution of physical and electronic properties to be explored in detail.

In addition, the project will explore the effects of local changes in environment, for example magnetic field or temperature, where in magnetically ordered materials large changes can be induced (e.g. through meta-magnetic phase transitions) potentially leading the way to new, multifunctional spintronic devices.

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If you are thinking about becoming a partner of the Graphene NOWNANO CDT and want to learn more about the benefits this can bring for your company, please email graphene-nownano@manchester.ac.uk.

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