Engagement with Industry

Graphene NOWNANO CDT has established partnerships with a number of industrial companies and overseas academic institutions. In addition to providing input and advice to the CDT management in terms of the CDT strategic goals and alignment with the needs of the economy, our partners participate in the formulation of research projects (where relevant), share expertise, engage in enterprise training and provide secondment opportunities to the CDT students.

Industrial partners:

Bluestone logo Graphenea logo Lockheed Martin logo

Parker logo Aixtron logo Thales logo

Hitachi logo IBM logo Applied Materials logo

Akzo Nobel logo BP logo DSTL logo

Airbus Industries logo Alpha logo Bruker logo

Haydale logo Hewlett Packard logo Merck logo

Nanoco logo Samsung logo William Blythe logo

Note: Aixtron is a supporter of Graphene NOWNANO but not an official partner.

Academic partners:

National Physical Laboratory logoGraphene Research Centre at the National University of Singapore logo Graphene Flagship logo  Argonne National Laboratory logo  

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